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Acura TL Convertible Begs The Question: Why?

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A question which we utterly fail to answer.

The Acura TL is generally not a car to inspire much in the way of passion. Not that this is a problem, as it's a reasonably well made car which does a good job of competing in its segment. The point here is that, someone who is in the market for a convertible is unlikely to feel it absolutely HAS to be a TL, in defiance of Acura's decision not to build such a car. But Newport Convertible Engineering is now giving you the option, limited consumer demand be damned.

The example you see here is its aftermarket convertible TL, complete with perhaps even more questionable hood stripes. The company say the de-roofing process takes six weeks and won't void your warranty with Acura. They can also make it without the B pillar, although this is a more complicated procedure. There have still been uglier convertibles built by actual manufacturers, but one still has to wonder just who it was exactly that felt this needed to be done.

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