Acura TLX Vs. Genesis G70: Best Budget Ballers

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Both are great, but which should you buy?

Both Acura and Genesis have generated quite a lot of hype with the reveal of their respective new sedans. For Acura, the TLX is a front- or all-wheel-drive sedan that injects plenty of sportiness into every drive, and with the upcoming Type S variant set to make it even more fun to drive, there's a lot to like here. Over at Genesis, the G70 does things a little differently. Power can go to both axles, but RWD is the default setup. Yet the G70 is the car that seems more like the laidback luxury cruiser. Is this a case of different strokes for different folks, or is one of these cars good enough to sway someone who was considering the alternative?


Design: Hit Or Miss?

Right away, it's clear that Acura TLX remains true to its Japanese roots with styling that is angular and sporty, but you can still see signs of its luxury aspirations in its intricate headlights and front grille. Dual exhaust tips are standard across the range, but you have to pay extra to upgrade from 18-inch wheels to 19s.

With the Genesis G70, the styling appears to have been influenced by a mix of Bentley and Mercedes. A vast front grille and split headlights give this car a mean presence on the road, while split taillights and a subtle rear diffuser provide just enough sporting intent to make you look twice. As a luxury vehicle, we have to say that Genesis knocked the styling out of the park on this one.

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Engines: Gimme More Power

Acura has eschewed the possibility of bringing the V6 back for this generation. Instead, all model's get a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-pot that generates 272 horsepower. Paired with Honda's brilliant 10-speed automatic, it's a significant improvement over the underwhelming 2.4-liter offering of the previous generation.

The Genesis G70, on the other hand, goes bigger. There's still a 2.0-liter powerplant as standard, but an optional 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 shared with the Kia Stinger is the real headliner. Genesis has yet to reveal official power figures, but there's no doubt that the V6 will outgun the TLX in every metric. Genesis takes this one.

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Interior: Luxury Living

The Acura TLX has a rather busy interior, but you can see that the brand is trying to make it look as sporty as possible. There's a 10.2-inch HD infotainment display that can be operated via a console-mounted touchpad with handwriting recognition. Optionally available is a premium sound system that features four ceiling-mounted speakers for a true surround-sound effect.

The Genesis approach is simpler but still effective. You get a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment display and a clean design that is easy to use whether on the move or stopped at a traffic light. With double-stitching and high-quality materials throughout the cabin, the G70 simply feels more expensive than it is. It's another loss for the Acura here.

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Pricing: Value For Money?

The Acura TLX starts at $37,500 for the base trim while the top trim is priced at just over $48,000 before options.

Official pricing hasn't been announced for the G70, but it is expected to follow the template of the TLX with the base model starting at over $36,000 and the top trim cresting $48,000. Without accurate information on pricing per trim and what features can be had for the money, it's tough to call a winner here, but based on our estimates, it seems that the Acura may just win this comparison.

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Verdict: There Can Only Be One Winner

Based on the points discussed above, it seems that the Acura TLX just can't catch a break, and its loss is all but guaranteed. However, we've driven the TLX and we think that it is one of the most compelling offerings out there. It accelerates strongly, handles beautifully, offers plenty of standard features, and looks incredibly striking. And when the Type S version arrives, the TLX will certainly cement its place as the sporty midsize sedan of choice.

But if you're not into sportiness as much as you are into feeling like royalty at an affordable price, there can be no doubt that the G70 is the one to go for. It looks classy, has a tremendous interior, and with the option of a 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 on the way, it may even steal some of that sporty sunshine that the TLX holds so dear.

We'll have to wait for a first drive to be certain, but it looks like the Genesis G70 is going to dominate.

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