Acura Type S Models Star In New Anime Series

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The brand's high-performance offerings have been immortalized in a story about overcoming challenges.

Way back in 2020, we heard the news that the Acura TLX would be joined by two new Type S models. In the time since, the MDX Type S has been revealed as the brand's most powerful SUV ever while the Acura NSX is also now more powerful than ever thanks to similar treatment. Last year, we discovered that the Integra will be getting Type S upgrades too, but before that happens, Acura is celebrating its high-performance models in a new anime series called Chiaki's Journey.

The four-part series debuts as part of the 2022 Sundance Film Festival for which Acura is a presenting sponsor for the 12th consecutive year. Before you head over to YouTube to watch the four episodes, check out the trailer to see the NSX getting sideways.


Acura describes the new series as follows: "Chiaki's Journey chronicles a fun and exhilarating adventure centered on Chiaki, a young driving protege, and her wise uncle Noboru. These characters represent the heritage and challenger spirit of the Acura brand and its unrelenting passion for performance. When emotions heat up at the local racetrack between Chiaki and her nemesis Erich Kang, Noboru steps in and mentors Chiaki, as she prepares to put her family legacy on the line in the biggest race of her life."

Each episode is around a minute long, so it doesn't take long to consume the whole story.

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As we touched on earlier, the Type S versions of the MDX SUV, the TLX sedan, and the NSX supercar are all featured, but there are some classics including a DC2 Integra. The series is meant to attract a "new generation of premium car buyers to the Acura brand" and tell them what the Type S badge is all about.

To ensure that this campaign is as successful as possible, the series will be rolled out across numerous digital platforms and will also "debut on 250 cinema screens and high-profile out-of-home placements in major markets across the US, including New York and Los Angeles."

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