Acura Wants Us To Think There's A Little Bit Of NSX In All Its Cars

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Despite having possibly the longest build up that we've ever seen for a car, the NSX just doesn't blow the competition away. The new NSX has been compared to other hybrids like the BMW i8, other supercars like the McLaren 570S and even a car from its own manufacturer, the Honda Civic Type R. Amazingly, it doesn't seem like the NSX has walked away from any of these comparisons as a winner. Perhaps this latest comparison by Auto Guide will help change that.

In this road test (that was sponsored by Acura), Auto Guide tries to prove that the NSX shares its DNA with other cars in the Acura lineup, namely the MDX SUV. We know that the NSX hasn't boosted Acura's sales the way a halo model should, and we thought this is because it shared almost nothing in common with the other models in the range.

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It's pretty obvious that this comparison was sponsored by Acura, because Auto Guide really had to reach on some of the similarities between the two cars. The five similarities that are pointed out are LED headlights, being designed and built in North America, push-button shifters and ignition switches, safety systems such as SH-AWD, and a nine-speed automatic transmission. These comparisons are so silly, because the NSX and MDX really couldn't be more different. If we wanted to, we could say that the Nissan Sentra is very similar to the GT-R because they both have four wheels, trunks, and gas tanks. For now, the NSX is definitely a bit of a disappointment, especially when considering its legendary predecessor.

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