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Acura Will Introduce Sportiest Sedan Ever At Pebble Beach

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One of many new models to be inspired by the stunning Precision Concept car.

When the rather striking Precision Concept debuted at the Detroit Motor Show back in 2016, Acura claimed that it pointed to the 'bold future for Acura design.' Aside from a few elements of this concept showing up in the second-generation NSX released later that year, we have seen little evidence of this bold new styling direction in its more mainstream products.

According to Car and Driver, that is all about to change as Acura will be revealing a production-ready concept sedan at Pebble Beach this year which will be strongly influenced by the 2016 Precision Concept car.

This will be one of a number of new products from Acura to take their design direction form this three-year-old concept car. Its initial brief was to express the Acura brand DNA of Precision Crafted Performance and as Jon Ikeda, vice president and general manager of Acura said back at its reveal, "We're committed to infusing this core Acura promise into every facet of our products and every aspect of our relationship with the customer."

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This new sedan should make it into production by 2020 and could most likely be a replacement for the slow-selling RLX flagship. By this time, we should also see the next-generation of TLX sedan and MDX crossover making their appearance too. The new TLX may also be offered in a sportier trim, most likely utilizing Acura's new twin-turbo V6.

While Acura is clearly still committed to sedans, the current crossover craze means that we may also be getting an updated version of the discontinued ZDX, a vehicle that was doing the coupe-profiled crossover thing way before the Germans got in on the segment. It seems like things are going to get pretty busy for the luxury vehicle manufacturer in the coming months.