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Acura ZDX: Questionable Measurements

The 2010 Acura ZDX has been described as a huskier version of the celebrated Honda Accord. In reality the ZDX is interesting in the choice of measurements Acura's engineers decided on. With a ground clearance of 7.9 inches, the ZDX has the lowest roof height (62.8 inches) leaving little headspace for taller occupants. Even more of a sore point is the rear door opening which has shrunk, causing unintended head-banging.

The ZDX's sweeping greenhouse means that little space was afforded for the back seats, and when pressed on the lack of space Acura admitted that the ZDX is targeted more towards couples. Although there is a serious lack ofpassenger space, the luggage capacity is plentiful even with the rear seat up. The lack of space and odd designs has left Acura fans scratching their [bruised] heads.

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