Acura's First Electric Car May Already Have A Name

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Can you guess what it is?

Acura once offered several hybrid models in its lineup, including the MDX and RLX. Now, the Japanese luxury automaker's only electrified vehicle is the NSX supercar, and that is set to go away after 2022. Acura knows it has ground to make up in the push towards electrification, which is why the brand will bypass new hybrid reveals in favor of full EVs. The company's first EV will launch in 2024, using a Honda platform shared with the General Motors Ultium platform.

Honda already released the name of its upcoming crossover EV, which will be called Prologue. Acura hasn't shared its name yet, but a recent patent filing uncovered by Car & Driver may spoil the announcement early.


Acura's parent company Honda recently filed to protect the name "ADX" with the USPTO. The "trademark registration is intended to cover the category of automobiles and automotive structural parts." There's no way to tell at this time if the ADX name will appear on an electric crossover or perhaps an upcoming subcompact model to sit below the 2022 Acura RDX. Honda is currently developing the next-generation HR-V, which could easily spawn a luxury Acura version.

In our opinion, building an EV is more important than adding a smaller crossover to the lineup. The RDX already competes in the best-selling compact crossover segment, and subcompacts don't tend to sell as well in the US market.

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Whether it's called ADX or something else, we know Acura's first EV borrow its batteries and motors from GM's Ultimum Platform. Ultium is highly scalable, underpinning various models ranging from the Cadillac Lyriq to the GMC Hummer.

It's unclear how big of a battery pack Acura will use, though we assume it will have more cells and more powerful motors than its Honda counterpart. With Lexus teasing its first EV coming next year, Acura needs to move fast to catch up.

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