Ad Personam Gives Lamborghini Drivers Freedom To Tailor A Perfect Drive

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The sky is the limit provided that your bank account has the same limit.

The desire to make an object one's own is not lost on any manufacturer whether it sells high-end goods or basic appliances that serve the most trivial of needs. In the eyes of the manufacturers, the trouble was that aftermarket tuning companies were making the extra cash. To capitalize on the demand for individuality, automakers like Aston Martin and Lamborghini began offering in-house tuning services to customers who wanted to go the extra mile and make their exotic rides a little more special.

Just how far do these customization programs go? For McLaren or Rolls-Royce, nothing is off the table provided the customer has the cash to make it happen. One can even ask McLaren to build them an SUV if they want, but other automakers would rather stick to vehicle aesthetics.

Lamborghini is one such automaker, but that doesn't mean its Ad Personam program can't make the wildest dreams of every Lambo customer come true. Carfection's Henry Catchpole shows us firsthand while behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Huracan that's been through the Ad Personam program. There it received such special upgrades as a £13,000 ($17,163) stripe colored to match the Italian flag, a forged composite interior, and a lovely shade of baby blue paint to round it all off. With the aesthetics out of the way, Catchpole takes to the winding roads of Wales to shake this Lambo down and learns that no matter how pretty one can make a Lambo, it's always the experience that makes the money spent worth it.

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