Adam Carolla Doesn't Drive His Cars

Adam Carolla is a certified car nut. Only he doesn't like driving his classic sportscars.

While Leno and Seinfeld may get most of the attention among car-loving comedians, don’t discount Adam Carolla. Never mind that he (sorta) shares his last name with the best-selling Toyota; he also hosts the most popular podcast and was the one-time host of "The Car Show" on Speed TV. He’s also got an enviable car collection packed with classic Lamborghinis and Datsuns. But he doesn’t drive them. In an interview on the eBay Motors blog, Carolla admitted that he doesn’t like the attention for driving his fancy cars.

As a result, the cars lay largely dormant in his garage, gathering dust. Which is a damn shame, considering the race-spec Nissan 300ZX and classic Lamborghini Miura he’s got sitting there. He does, however, race some his vintage cars, so at least there's that. Check his collection in the video below.

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