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Adam Carolla's Car Cast Stars '67 Vette 427 & '88 Lambo Countach

With contrasting styles and sounds, both of these cars are the envy of car guys across the globe.

Better known for his much-loved "The Adam Carolla Show," the radio personality hosts a dedicated car site 'Car Cast,' releasing weekly episodes covering anything from hot rods to supercars.

Last week, the executive producer of "The Car Show" (cancelled after one season) turned up with his 1967 Corvette 427 and 1988 Lamborghini Countach. The former, in a beautiful shade of maroon, is exactly as it came from the factory, down to the engine screws. The Countach on the other hand is strikingly different in appearance and engine note but equally appealing to the senses. This is worth a watch and hopefully future episodes will be just as rewarding.

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