Adam Carolla Stops By Jay Leno's Garage With A 1968 Lamborghini Islero

We do like ourselves a Lamborghini GT car.

They’re a pair of really successful comedians who also happen to be tried and true car guys. And because they’ve got the dough, Jay Leno and Adam Carolla can literally buy just about any car they want. Leno, as we all know, went to town with his collection which is now housed in a couple of warehouses. Like Leno, Carolla also has quite a collection. And both are Lamborghini guys. Leno’s old daily driver was a Countach. When we interviewed Carolla last year we asked him why he doesn’t drive his Lambos daily.

His answer: because Los Angeles traffic. And that he doesn’t want strangers getting anywhere near his classic Lambos, such as his 1968 Islero. Carolla recently stopped by Leno’s garage with that gorgeous car for some good old car guy talk.

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