Adding 550-HP To The XJR Is Proof Jaguar Has Officially Lost Its Mind

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Contradiction is an art form. The XJR is that art practiced to the highest degree.

Okay, maybe the Jaguar XJR isn't technically the most powerful XJ variant there is, the 575 horsepower XJR575 holding onto that crown, but the XJR only gives up 25 horsepower to its more aggressive younger brother. Besides, it still has everything you'd look for in an over the top Tata Motors product: a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 pumping 550 horsepower to the rear wheels, available red brake calipers, smooth paint colors to compliment the Jaguar ride, and looks to make even the harshest art critic swoon.

As Auto Express' Steve Sutcliffe reports, the full-size luxury sedan's hardware almost contradicts itself. The XJ is intended to be Jaguar's flagship vehicle, upcoming cornucopia of luxury SUVs be damned, but the absurd horsepower output demands that the chassis retain some ability to be tossed around and abused.

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But performance isn't all there is to the XJR. Thanks to a subtle makeover from the styling department, the interior and exterior gain small upgrades such as J-shaped LED headlights and a new 10-inch touchscreen infotainment. On initial impression, the XJR seems to be the perfect driver's car for a driver who values comfort just as much as performance that is. The only problem, at least in our eyes, is the fact that the XJR seems to have a hard time getting its rear tires unstuck from the road for some good old-fashioned hoonage. In this case, we'll take the good with the bad because the overall package is simply sublime.

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