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Additional Porsche Mission E Production Is Sounding Very Possible

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Better to plan in advance than have angry would be buyers later.

Although the Porsche Mission E all-electric sedan has yet to be revealed, let alone be named, Automotive News reports the German automaker is already considering an annual production increase. Set to begin production only next year, Porsche has received an enthusiastic early response so far to the stunning concept. This is music to Porsche's ears because of the clear indication customers have no bones about the switch from internal combustion to a full-on EV powertrain.

"The positive feedback for the Mission E makes us very optimistic about demand," said Porsche board member Detlev von Platen. Just the other day we learned Porsche will double its investment in hybrids and electric vehicles to more than $7 billion by 2022. Given that, it should not come as a complete surprise that Mission E production will likely be boosted. Another indicator of Porsche's success so far with hybrids is the Panamera. Von Platen added that "in Europe, around 60 percent of Panamera vehicles were delivered with a hybrid drivetrain." At the same time, diesel demand in Germany is on the decline, so it makes sense customers are turning to hybrids as the alternative fuel saving technology.

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Along with the upcoming Mission E sedan, Porsche has yet to still make a decision about a pure EV variant of its Macan SUV. Considering the Jaguar I-Pace is only weeks away from its reveal, it would make sense for Porsche to go this route. Lastly, don't assume the Mission E's electric platform will be for that vehicle only. Porsche's parent company, the Volkswagen Group, is also reportedly looking at using that architecture for its other brands. We previously reported on this in regards to Audi, which is rumored to be planning an E-Tron GT four-door coupe for 2022.