Adidas Is Giving Away Three Porsche 911s To NFL Prospects Which Will Match Their Shoes


It's a car that looks like a shoe that looks like a cat. What's not to love?

As thrill of the Super Bowl fades for NFL fans everywhere, attention is being turned to the upcoming draft, and Adidas is looking to get some exposure out of it. The shoe company is looking to give away three customized Porsche 911 Carreras to the three fastest prospects in the NFL Scouting Combine, but only if they are wearing the new Uncaged Adizero 5-Star 40 cleats, which are obviously made by Adidas out of all sorts of space-aged materials.

The three cars are done up to match the shoes, which includes huge cheetah graphics covering the whole back half of the car. It's sort of a weird looking thing even on the shoes, but it's pretty easy to get past there; on the car, not so much. So we imagine that, while we're sure the three winners of the cars will appreciate Adidas giving them a Porsche, we also imagine that they'll probably remove the graphics. The wheels are aftermarket as well, but the decision whether or not to keep those will be a little less clear cut.


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