ADV.1 and Renntech Create Vicious RWD S63 AMG

Luxury with a growling twist.

Unlessyou manage to get your hands on the S65 AMG, it really is hard to improve uponthe Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG. Some might even say it's impossible. But for thosewho just love to keep on trying, ADV.1 Wheels have released these images of amodified S63, which – if nothing else – certainly proves that changes arepossible. The Benz has received ADV0005 M.V2 CS wheels, measuring 22x10 in the front and 22x11.5 in the rear.

The split five-spoke exposed titanium wheels make quite a statement. Butto back up the visuals, the car has also been given a Renntech ECU remap,bringing its horsepower output up from 585 to 600. It has also been convertedfrom all-wheel to rear-wheel drive.

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