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Adventure Truck Is The Ultimate Road Trip Machine


Global Expedition Vehicles makes an all-purpose off-roader.

If you plan on taking a vacation over the holidays and are thinking of going someplace exotic, you should probably start preparing. You should most likely pack sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottles, and bug repellant. But if you really want to up your vacation game and go off the grid, you should invest in a Global Expedition Vehicles (GEV) Adventure Truck.

Using a RAM 5500 or Ford F-550 pickup as a base, the Adventure Truck comes with either a single or double cab. Both trucks pack an engine with over six liters of capacity—the Ram housing a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 and the F-550 being powered by a monster 6.8-liter Triton V10.

Unlike the normal 5500 and F-550, however, the Adventure Truck is not a pickup. Think of it instead as a tiny house perched atop a truck chassis. Behind the cab is a fiberglass structure that contains sleeping space for two people, a kitchen, and even a bathroom. Inside, you can also opt for a microwave and a Bluetooth sound bar.

Power for your appliances comes courtesy of solar panels on the roof that can store 20,000 watt hours of energy, which should last more than long enough. The kitchen and bathroom are supplied with fresh water—the truck can store 90 gallons of the stuff. You’ll be pleased to know that the truck can also hold 26 gallons of sewage, or “grey water” as GEV calls it.

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A 100 gallons of fuel is also kept on board, which would be crucial as we imagine the heavy, bulky Adventure Truck rivals tractor trailers in terms of fuel mileage. Along with spending a lot on gas money, the Adventure Truck itself is not cheap. Prices start at $198,000, and there is $50,000 Adventure Option Package that adds a host of technical upgrades by AEV—including a front bumper with fog lights, front fenders, and a snorkel air intake—and a winch plus amenities like LED off-road lights, an air-conditioner, and a skylight.