AE Gives 2006 Ford GT An Exquisite Performance

American tuner AE Performance is attempting to put some life back into the Ford GT, which has been discontinued since 2006. The GT got its inspiration from the classic GT40 racers of the 1960's and gives a performance of 550hp straight from its mid-mounted 5.4-liter Modular V8 engine. Ford is considering whether to produce an updated generation GT, but for now, we can at least enjoy what AE Performance has done to the previous GT.

Although the specs have not yet been fully released, there are a few details we know of at the moment. The GT by AE Performance will get an additional 130hp from the engine along with a new set of ADV. 1 wheels and a new body kit. The racing stripes are gone, but the new red paint job is reminiscent of the Ferrari 458 Italia. These are the only known facts for the tuning package at the moment. Pricing is not yet available, however, the book value for a 2006 Ford GT fetches anywhere from $145,800-$147,900.

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