Aehra Electric Sedan Will Have Supercar Lines And Porsche Taycan-Crushing Horsepower

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A new EV startup has made some bold claims about its next car.

Aehra, an all-new Milan-based startup specializing in ultra-premium EVs, will soon launch a "supercar saloon" to take on the likes of the Porsche Taycan and Mercedes-Benz EQS. This news comes just weeks after the Aehra SUV pictured here was revealed with its dramatic butterfly doors and short overhangs, allowing for a spacious interior.

The new sedan (as we call it in America) will share 70% of its components with the SUV, a strategy that Aehra has employed to save on both time and production costs. It will also have a massive 120-kWh battery, lines more akin to a supercar, and around 800 horsepower.

Like the SUV, Aehra's sedan is nameless, but its outlandish design will be all the branding this car needs.


Filippo Perini, the chief designer who previously worked for Lamborghini, told Autocar that the sedan will look like a "concept on the street," something that we can believe after setting eyes on the SUV with its rear gullwing doors and minimal overhangs. In fact, Perini describes the sedan as the "best vehicle" he has ever designed with an "amazing" exterior. That's quite a statement for a guy involved in the design of cars like the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and Lamborghini Aventador.

Like the SUV, the sedan will have a stretched cabin with a dashboard positioned above the front axle. This layout is said to accommodate passengers taller than six feet comfortably.

Again, the doors will be unusual, but they won't take the form of the SUV's scissor doors.


With a length of just over 200 inches, the sedan will be around seven inches shorter than the EQS, but it sounds like Aehra has maximized these dimensions inside.

The sedan is expected to share the same powertrain as the SUV, making up to 804 horsepower from its electric motors. The 120-kWh battery is particularly large for anything this side of the energy-thirsty Hummer EV, trouncing the 107.8-kWh battery in the EQS.

With such a large battery, the Aehra sedan will be capable of a range close to 500 miles, but as usual, we'll have to wait for EPA ratings to get a more accurate picture of how far it can go on a full charge.


When asked about the new sedan, Aehra CEO Hazim Nada was most excited about its design. "What I can tell you is that the designers love it," he said. "They're very happy. It's like a concept on the road and gets very close to a supercar in that sense. Everything you see on the SUV is even more expressed on the [saloon]."

As far as price goes, the sedan is expected to come in at €160,000 (around $166,000). Although less than the SUV, it'll still be pricier than the $102,310 EQS 450+. However, the more powerful AMG EQS at $147,500 is probably a better match for the Aehra. Of course, local pricing could change this picture somewhat.

The Aehra sedan will only go into production six months after the SUV. First, deliveries are expected in the second half of 2025 or early in 2026 as the startup targets production of 25,000 units each of the sedan and SUV.

Source Credits: Autocar

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