New Aehra Electric SUV With Butterfly Doors Makes The Tesla Model X Look Lame

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The first official exterior images of this sexy Italian EV have arrived.

Another luxury all-electric SUV has arrived, adding to the growing list that includes the Tesla Model X, Audi e-tron, and Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV.

Meet the Aehra SUV from the Milan, Italy-based EV startup. Teaser images were revealed in September, and the first official exterior photos just landed. No interior pictures have been released yet.

The Aehra SUV features typical EV design hallmarks like short front and rear overhangs, an extremely low front end, and racing motorbike-inspired mirrors. The front butterfly and rear gullwing doors, which the carmaker refers to as "elytra-like" doors, provide "optimum ease of entrance and egress to the exceptionally spacious cabin that effortlessly accommodates four NBA-size players" thanks to the 118-inch wheelbase.


Designed to be ultra-aerodynamic, the glassware looks like a single piece as it flows from the front of the EV, over the roof, and finally sweeps down to the tailgate. Narrow and stretched headlights and LED lighting strips give the front end a bold look with a unique visual signature that draws even more attention at night.

"With the AEHRA SUV, we have shunned the conservative constraints that have encumbered all other car manufacturers in their approach to designing EV vehicles to date. Instead, we have taken a highly courageous approach," said chief design officer Filippo Perini, who previously worked at Lamborghini in the same role. "We have created a vehicle that goes far beyond the conventional standards set by the automotive industry for an SUV, and sets new benchmarks for style and comfort."


The design team utilized Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to create the slick shape. This results in aero accuracy often exceeding what's achieved in wind tunnels. There are also movable elements at the front and rear, which help maintain a sporty ride, improve active safety, and optimize the drag coefficient and thermal management of the batteries.

The company is still somewhat mum on the composite build materials, only saying they consist of carbon fiber technologies, are ultra-advanced, very lightweight, and are relatively new to the market.

Unfortunately, Aehra has neither provided pricing nor an updated production timeline, but we previously reported that a 2025 launch is being targeted.


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