Electric Car

Aerius Design Study

It seems everybody's vision of the future of automobiles revolves around electric cars. That seems like quite a tall order, given how highly impractical the EVs of today are. Of course, the issue of practicality pales in comparison to how hideously ugly they are, and that is why we're thankful for design studies like this. The carbon nanotube super-capacitors might be cost-prohibitive and the solar panels to charge them might be a pipe dream, but at least it looks cool.

The Aerius is the work of Pei-Cheng "Patrick" Hseih, and its good looks should tell you that it isn't slated to be the grocery-getter of the future. This is meant to be a glimpse at what hypercars will look like once there isn't anything left to fuel your Pagani. So assuming that both James Cameron and the Wachowski brothers have been wrong about the events of the next few years, this may be what the future will look like.

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