Affalterbach: AMG’s Private Lounge

AMG has built a Private Lounge where owners and potential customers can get together and socialize.There are currently over 15,000 members of the AMG Private Lounge Community worldwide.

Facebook is the largest internet social network out there at the moment, but AMG has built a live social platform with its exclusive Private Lounge in Affalterbach, Germany. The new Private Lounge is 525 square meters and gives owners of AMG and potential customers a chance to socialize and talk about cars, particularly (what else?) AMG cars. The multi-story building is accessible from the AMG showroom with an outside staircase and a very impressive architectural design.

The work of art consists of individual mosaics arranged in sequence on various levels. The AMG Private Lounge is also divided into various areas. The "brand wall" is devoted strictly to motorsports and the "lifestyle wall" is more of the social lounge where visitors can just lay back, relax and talk about AMG. There is also a section for media, which includes an iPad and PlayStation. We can assume Gran Turismo will be the game of choice there. There is another section which has most likely drawn its inspiration from a library, an area that's known as the "Silent Space".

This gives visitors a more relaxed atmosphere, perfect for reading a long Steinbeck novel or once again, chats about cars. There is a coffee bar and a dining area that can seat up to 18 hungry guests. So, if you happen to be a Mercedes AMG fan and plan on being in Affalterbach any time soon, this may be the perfect live social lounge for you. There are currently over 15,000 members of the AMG Private Lounge Community worldwide.

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