Affordable Fisker Pear Pushed Back To 2025

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The EV maker is still looking for a battery supplier for the compact Pear.

Henrik Fisker, the man behind the all-electric Fisker brand, has announced that the Pear has been delayed to 2025, reports Autocar.

The Fisker CEO addressed delegates at the Financial Times Future of the Car conference, explaining that the compact EV (destined initially to arrive in 2024) has been pushed back to the first half of 2025. The company is still looking for a battery supplier for its entry-level model, which has delayed the process.

The automaker initially said it hoped to introduce the affordable Pear with a sub-$30,000 starting price, but that seems to have changed. "Our next vehicle will start probably under £28,000 (approx. $35,300), and it will be quite radical. In fact, it's so radical that we actually have to make some new production methods."

Fisker is referring to the fact that the Pear will have a unique steel chassis that reportedly uses 25% fewer parts than a regular automotive platform.


The Pear will be introduced with two battery sizes. One will provide in excess of 300 miles, while the other - aimed at city dwellers - will offer between 100-150 miles of range. Vehicles with underwhelming electric range don't tend to sell well (the Mazda MX-30 is living proof of this), but Fisker has a method in its madness.

"In two years, you will see people realizing they don't need [a big] range, specifically if they have a second car. But it doesn't work today. There [are] a few cars out there that have a 100-150 mile range and aren't selling," remarked Fisker. The CEO said he believes things will change in the next two years, and many will desire an EV with a smaller battery and minimal range.

"Let's say you have a second car and you live in London: you don't need more than maybe 100-150 miles of range. But at this point in time, to become competitive, we need a long range," he added.


Fisker has already proved that it can deliver on the range front. The new Ocean has an estimated 350-mile range, which is very impressive for a generously-sized electric SUV.

Getting back to the Pear, the interior will be radically different from what we're used to. The cabin will have "zero moving parts" and a big focus on the large infotainment screen. Fisker added that the vehicle won't have an opening center console or even a glovebox. "Today we see the buyers care about how big the screen is in the car and how connected the car is. They don't necessarily care about some of these other typical automotive-related things."

The system will make use of an onboard computer that uses fewer ECUs to reduce production costs. However, they will become more centralized which will improve the performance.

As a reminder, the Pear will be produced in Ohio at the former General Motors factory that Foxconn has since purchased.

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