After Furious 7, Is This Going To Be The Most Insane Movie This Summer?

Who doesn't love massive amounts of crashes and explosions?

This isn’t an entirely new thing; you’ve seen the first couple of trailers for this movie before. The latest one just hit the web, and hands-down “Mad Max: Fury Road” is going to be totally nuts. With “Furious 7” hitting new box office records in the US and abroad, there’s bound to be another blockbuster full of car chases, explosions, and lots more explosions. This is more than likely going to be it. Set to hit US theaters on May 15, Warner Bros. Pictures has just released the final Mad Max trailer before the premiere.

Mel Gibson has been replaced by Tom Hardy as Max, but the original film’s writer and director, George Miller, is back at the helm. Will the new Mad Max be everything we’re hoping for? We’ll find out in just a couple of weeks.

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