After Just 50 Units Sold Mini Gives Clubvan the Chop

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A few months after going on sale, Mini has canned the Clubvan because nobody bought it.

Just 50 people bought the Mini Clubvan. So nobody should be in the least bit shocked to hear Mini has now discontinued the Clubvan in the US. Launched earlier this year, the Clubvan was designed specifically to appeal to small business owners thanks to its flat load floor behind the front seats, 33 cubic feet of cargo space and blacked out panels in place of glass windows. It was basically a panel version of the relatively unpopular Clubman.

Part of the reason why the Clubvan sold so poorly was due to the "excessive 25-percent tax on vehicles for commercial use," also known as the "Chicken Tax." In addition, 33 cubic feet isn't really all that much room when compared to the also discontinued Chevy HHR Panel Van that boasted 63 cubic feet of space. The Ford Transit Connect, meanwhile, offers 129 cubic feet and is still very much on sale for a reasonable price.

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