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After Many Years, Ford Focus RS, Hottest of Hatches, Finally Coming to America

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Turbocharging is a definite, AWD is a maybe.

Hot-hatch fans in America have long felt cheated because of the lack of availability of some great models from other markets. But this has perhaps never stung more than it did when the first Focus RS debuted. Ford is, after all, an American company, and shouldn't we get a crack at such wonderful products? Well Ford has, in recent years, been making an effort at a more global strategy, and also bringing out more performance cars.

To that end, the 2016 model year will see the addition of an RS model to US showrooms, and although this has been officially confirmed by Ford, we have no other details yet. But there are a few things we can take a stab at. A Detroit Auto Show debut seems pretty likely, no sense in waiting until New York now that the decision is official. As for an engine, the EcoBoost four-banger currently found in the Mustang is a good bet, although we'd expect something more than the 310 horsepower it produces now. Pictured is the painfully Europe-only RS500 of 2010, thus far the fastest Focus ever made.

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