After Seeing The Alfa Romeo Giulia QV At Goodwood We're Convinced The BMW M3 Might Have A Problem

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We were already smitten with the new Giulia. Now we love it even more.

Though the latest performance sedan from Alfa Romeo is far from being fresh news anymore, the 510-hp Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde is still a headline-worthy car for us here at CarBuzz. After all, what's not to like about a high-performance Alfa that not only has some really advanced tech up its sleeve, but is also looking like a legitimate return to form by the Italian automaker? Therefore, when we got the invite to the Giulia QV's launch at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, obviously we accepted it.

And we're quite glad we did agree to tag along at the unveiling, as a few interesting details about the car were uttered during the reveal presentation. For starters, it was disclosed that Alfa Romeo predominantly focused initially on the halo QV model first, with the more sedate models being refined afterwards. Such a move was one of the reasons why the regular Giulia features the same carbon fiber driveshaft from the QV, but it also allowed the design team to be especially creative with the car's look from the outset. This gave the Giulia, according to Scott Krugger (the head of exterior design at Alfa Romeo) a look that's far more dramatic and flamboyant in comparison with the car's Teutonic rivals.

In spite of the more overt features, the current Alfa Romeo Giulia family was primarily fashioned from an evolution-based theme; a mindset that allowed the Alfa Romeo exterior stylists to, according to Krugger, create a contemporary and timeless shape. This shape also incorporates more traditional Alfa Romeo styling cues, like the wraparound rear window that's reminiscent of the original Alfa Romeo Giulia. When you factor in the QV's (and, indeed, the entire Giulia range) incredibly driver-focused nature, ace critical reception and its competitive pricing in the UK, we can see many M3, RS4 and C63 owners across the pond trading their cars in for a fast Giulia when the car officially goes on sale in Britain this October.

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