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After The Supra, Toyota Has Two More Sports Cars On The Way

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That includes a second-generation 86/BRZ.

Toyota has for years been promising more emotional cars, and the current 86/Subaru BRZ is proof. We also know a reborn Supra will arrive soon, but what about after that? What does Toyota have planned? Motor Trend has learned from Toyota senior managing office Shigeki Tomoyama that discussions are already underway with Subaru for a second-generation RWD coupe. Now, you might be thinking that the previously revealed GR HV Sports concept previews that new coupe. Nope.

Tomoyama said that concept indicates a different future sports car, one that'll incorporate hybrid racing technology from Toyota's World Endurance Championship car. That WEC car reportedly uses a motor-generator unit at each axle, while the energy is stored in cockpit-mounted regenerative lithium-ion battery packs. Along with a 2.4-liter turbo V6, there's nearly a combined 1,000 hp. Impressive. Now, bear in mind that Tomoyama is also president of Gazoo Racing, so he knows a thing or two about performance cars. Although it may be hard to tell from photos alone, the GR HV Sports concept is actually about 7 inches longer than the 86/BRZ, though its height and width are roughly the same.

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Why the extended length? There needs to be space for those lithium-ion batteries and other related hybrid tech. As for the Supra, Tomoyama told MT that although it's based on the joint BMW-Toyota sports car platform that'll also underpin the new Z4, "the model we (Toyota) are developing will be completely different. We will not disappoint."