After Watching This We're Praying Lamborghini Will Never Go Turbo

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Don't let the Aventador SV be the last hurrah.

It's happening to Ferrari right now and, beginning this September, to the Porsche 911 as well. Pagani has already made the switch. Will Lamborghini be the next exotic carmaker to make the change from natural aspiration to turbocharging? God, we hope not, and we're sure neither do any of you. But is the new Aventador SV the last NA V12 hurrah? After all, this thing can hit 217 mph and is even lighter than the regular Aventador. While Lamborghini's top executives have denied dropping the V10 or V12 engines in its supercars, a couple of things do worry us:

The upcoming production-spec Urus will probably have a twin-turbo V8. The second is the Asterion hybrid concept. Both are cool cars, no doubt, but they're proof Lamborghini is looking at alternative powertrains. For now, check out this video of Lamborghini's R&D head explaining the Aventador SV's development.


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