Agera S Sells for $4.24m in Singapore

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The first Koenigsegg on the island nation is also the fastest and most expensive.

The only difference between Koenigsegg's Agera R and S models is that the latter has been optimized to run on low octane gas. That helps the Swedish supercar maker to tap into markets where E85 fuel is unavailable, such as Singapore. And it seems the move has paid off. Over the weekend, the 250 mph hypercar debuted at the Ritz Carlton Millenia Hotel in front of 200 VIPs and was sold for the equivalent of just over $4.2 million, well over double what the Agera R retails for.

While most of that additional expense is headed straight to the tax man, that's still an incredible sum of money and represents a real coup for mad genius and company owner Christian von Koenigsegg. Pictures courtesy of Creative Studio.

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