Agera Vs. LaFerrari: Which Theoretical Hypercar Roadster Do You Prefer?

We'd honestly take either; beggars can't be choosers.

Those who buy hypercars are typically collectors who already have enviable garages. Not all these people drive their incredible vehicles, preferring to avoid any potential confrontations with other peasant-driven cars in traffic. That’s understandable, after all, hypercar repairs, like the cars themselves, are anything but cheap. But say these owners did drive their precious rides on a regular basis, would they want them sans roof? Would a Spider/roadster variant be better than the standard coupe?

Well, Ferrari has been known to slice the roof off its models from time to time, but will it be done for the LaFerrari? It wasn’t for its predecessor, the Enzo. At the same time, will Koenigsegg opt to remove the roof off its famed Agera? Would performance be harmed too much? Rigidity? Both are possible, and rendering artist Theophilus Chin has come up with what the LaFerrari and Agera could look like minus their roofs. What do you think? Should either car happen?

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