Aiming High: VW's NMC Will Take on the Mercedes CLA

2014 Beijing Motor Show / 77 Comments

How do you class-up the Jetta without killing the Audi A3?

Volkswagen's New Midsize Coupe – the four-door NMC recently introduced at the Beijing Motor Show 2014 – will have an important, and difficult, job to fill for the company. VW wants the stylish coupe to fill the shoes of the Jetta and Passat, fitting in below the CC and taking on successful rivals such as the Mercedes-Benz CLA. But with the group's new entry into the same class - the Audi A3 - taking on the same role, how can the NMC do its job without killing the chances of its corporate cousin?


The NMC is an "avant-garde protagonist for a new compact sedan class," VW design boss Klaus Bischoff said. It is expected to be built both in Mexico and in a joint-venture plant in China, so US market entry is extremely likely. Even with its design looking very sharp, the company will have to be extremely precise when it comes to pricing,. The NMC needs to be kept away from nibbling away at A3 sales, while offering enough luxury to position it on the CLA's level.

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