Air Force Uses Tesla Model S As Guide For Spy Planes

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Apparently Ludicrous acceleration is the way to guide and keep up with jet planes.

The military is slightly notorious for keeping old planes in service, but it's important to remember that planes are different than cars and age as such. The Lockheed U-2S Spy Plane is a perfect example of this. Despite being built in the 1950s and used to check in on foreign frenemies ever since, it's still in use today. Problematic is the fact that even though it rules the skies, it's so handicapped on land that it needs a guide car. Poor sight lines means that the pilot has a hard time seeing where this plane was going when taxiing down the runway.

According to The Drive, the military gets around this issue by enlisting the help of guide cars to lead the plane down the runway, acting as a beacon for the pilot before take off.

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Since the cars have to lead the plane until the point of takeoff, it's important to have a guide car with plenty of horsepower and quick acceleration. The military previously used cheap but high-powered muscle cars to do the job, but footage captured at the UK's RAF Fairford airfield shows that the British military may have changed its tastes. Leading this U-2S is a Tesla Model S, a car that's proven its acceleration capabilities time and time again. No mention on why the Air Force uses a Model S, but it could be in hopes of mitigating some of the U-2S' greenhouse gas emissions. Either that or it's because the Tesla's electric torque is the only way to change speeds as fast as a jet plane.

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