Albania Is Developing A Second Supercar Before The First Is Ready

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The TSX has been in development since 2017.

An Albanian outfit called Arrera Automobili has revealed plans for a second supercar dubbed the TSX, and it intends to show us the finished product early next year. But its first supercar is not yet complete.

That car, called the Illyrian Pure Sport, was revealed three years ago, but only in the virtual realm. Since then, no developments have come to light. With the announcement that a new car is in the works, we wonder if the first project has been scrapped, but let's focus on the latest claims.

Arrera says it will unveil the new car in Turin, Italy, as a full-scale design buff on January 25, 2024, which means that we shouldn't get our hopes up for a production version just yet.

Arrera Automobili Arrera Automobili Arrera Automobili

Despite the company's claims that the car was conceived in 2017, this 1:1 model will only showcase the exterior design and feature neither an engine nor a feasible cabin. However, Arrera promises that this "is the true representation before it ventures [onto] the production line," meaning that the final design shown in the new year won't undergo any changes before production begins.

As for the name, this stands for "Track Street Extreme," which suggests that the supercar will be a track-focused but street-legal machine, perhaps in the vein of the Ferrari SF90 XX. The company also claims that the TSX "encapsulates the essence of an F1 car homologated for the street," but we'd take that with a pinch of salt.

Arrera Automobili Arrera Automobili

Aston Martin is a massive automaker by comparison, but it took more than five years for the Gaydon-based automaker to start delivering the Valkyrie to customers. Mercedes-Benz is an even bigger corporation, and its AMG ONE was so difficult to produce that AMG says nobody will ever try such an undertaking again.

For an unproven outfit to make similar claims of F1 performance for the road seems more than a little naive at best, but we love to see companies from small countries try to put themselves on the map. After all, if Mate Rimac can start a project from a small garage in Croatia and become Bugatti's CEO, anything is possible.

Arrera Automobili Arrera Automobili

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