'Alcatraz' TV Series Recreates Famous Bullitt Chase Scene

The Mustang once again chases a Charger on the streets of San Fransisco.

Without a doubt, the car chase in the American film "Bullitt" is one of the most famous and best choreographed scenes in the history of cinema. And in the season finale of the Fox TV Series "Alcatraz", which just aired last night, the show's producers wanted to pay homage to the classic Steve McQueen film. Only this time, the Mustang is blue and is driven by our hero detective is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 and the Dodge Charger has morphed into a sedan.

A Mustang similar to Detective Frank Bullitt's Highland Green 1968 model was originally supposed to be driven by the show's lead character, detective Rebecca Madsen. However, a product placement deal with Ford later changed their plans.

If you happened to catch the episode last night, the reenactment was well done and the 2013 Mustang GT looked and sounded great. We've also included a short "Making Of" video about the season finale and the chase scene itself. Photos courtesy of David Moir/FoxNote

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