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2013 Geneva Motor Show / Comments

With the same power-to-weight ratio as a Lotus Evora S or Porsche Cayman S, the new Alfa 4C is ready to debut in Geneva.

Alfa Romeo tantalized the Italian sportscar fanatic in all of us when it revealed the first images and details of the production version of its new 4C a couple of weeks ago. But while it gave us plenty to chew on, there were a few salient points it left out. Now it has filled in those blanks, and released a few new photos to go with it. Set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in less than two weeks, the 4C packs Alfa's latest 1.75-liter turbocharged, direct-injection four-cylinder engine.

It's the same engine you'll find in the Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde, only turned around and mounted amidship to drive 240 horsepower to the rear wheels. The aluminum block should help keep the weight down in the compact sportscar, while its output – relatively high for a four-pot, though not nearly as powerful as AMG's new 355hp 2.0-liter turbo – ought to deliver solid performance. Alfa hasn't officially revealed the 4C's curb weight, but did specify a 4 kg/hp weight-to-power ratio, which would place it under 1000 kg. That gives the 4C the same relative potency as the Lotus Evora S and the Porsche Cayman S.

Alfa also revealed the first look inside the cockpit, ditching the compartmentalized design of the concept for a more conventional design that looks like a rather suitable place from which to summon the sportscar's performance capabilities. There's plenty of carbon fiber left exposed, and leather bucket seats with significant bolstering to keep driver and passenger in place during hard cornering. Behind the flat-bottom steering wheel you'll find the shift paddles to control the six-speed dual-clutch transmission, with Alfa's DNA selector for four chassis settings – including Race mode.

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There's even a mechanical handbrake instead of an electronic one, which should keep potential drifters happy. We're still looking forward to seeing the performance specifications and pricing to see how it will measure up against the competition from the likes of Lotus and Porsche, but hopefully Alfa will give those up soon as well.

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