Alfa Engines to Have Ferrari Influence

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In order to gain an edge over its German rivals, Alfa Romeo will soon receive some help from Ferrari when developing its next-generation engines.

As Alfa Romeo gears up for its North American market reintroduction, it's also laying the groundwork for the future of its engine development program. While we're anxiously waiting for new Alfas like the 4C and Mazda MX-5-based Spider, the Italian automaker is reportedly looking to corporate cousin Ferrari for assistance in developing its next generation of engines. Automotive News Europe is reporting that Fiat SpA, will shortly announce a new deal with Ferrari and its sister brand Maserati that will lend a helping hand to Alfa Romeo for its new engine lineup.

According to Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, "Ferrari will take a more active role in engine development for Alfa, similar to what Ferrari already did for Maserati." Ferrari's past work with Maserati involved the development of two new twin-turbocharged engines, a 3.0-liter V6 and a 3.8-liter V8, for the Quattroporte. The timing of this future cooperation makes sense since Alfa Romeo just announced that it will launch a total of nine new or heavily updated models by 2016 as a part of its plan to expand its global sales. Along with the aforementioned Alfa sports cars, expect to see a replacement for the 159 sedan and a crossover.

Having a helping hand from a fellow Italian automaker/corporate cousin who knows a thing or two on how to build incredible engines can only lead to even better things for Alfa in the coming years.

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