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Alfa Reveals Giulietta F&F6 Edition

Limited edition model comes with autographs on the dash and a day with a stuntman.

Alfa Romeo has placed its Giulietta in "The Fast and Furious 6", and the Italian carmakerwants the world to know about it. Last week it revealed a set of print commercialscoupling damaged movie cars with beautiful models, as well as a new GiuliettaTV advert promoting both car and movie. And now it has revealed a Fast& Furious 6 Edition Giulietta, limited to just six units. Based on the1.4 TB model with 170-hp MultiAir engine, the limited-edition models comewith a Fast & Furious numbered plaque, corresponding to each of the sixmovies, and dashboards signed by cast members.

Buyers will also get the chance to attend a stunt day with a bona fide movie stunt coordinator. Priced at £25,675, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta FF6 Limited Editions are being sold exclusively through Alfa’s Marlyebone dealership in London, which is where a large chunk of the movie was shot.

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