Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe Being Killed In North America Only

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Both 4C coupe and Spider will soldier on overseas.

Last week we learned that the Alfa Romeo 4C coupe will be dropped for the 2019 model year while the 4C Spider will continue on. However, this arrangement is exclusive only to North America. Berj Alexanian, Alfa Romeo PR boss for North America, confirmed to us that the 4C coupe will remain "in production for all other markets around the world, and remains available in North America while supplies last as a 2018MY (model year) vehicle." That 4C Spider's status in North America remains unchanged, as previously reported.


However, the 2019 North American model will add more standard features, "including the federally-mandated back-up camera, rear park sensors, cruise control and simplified packaging, along with extensive customization options." These standard items are very much welcomed considering the 2019 4C Spider will come with a slightly higher entry price of $66,900, up from $65,900. The outgoing 4C coupe, however, begins at $55,900. Obviously the Spider offers an appealing open air experience while only weighing 22 pounds more than the coupe. Structural integrity is not impacted. Zero to 60 mph happens in only 4.1 seconds.

Looking further ahead, Alfa Romeo has already announced the return of the 8C, this time as a 700-hp or so mid-engined supercar. There's also the reportedly upcoming Giulia coupe, though it'll likely have a unique name. As for the 4C Spider, we should remember that it was launched one year after the coupe, but nothing has been announced as to when it'll ultimately be discontinued as well. The 4C dates back to 2013, if you can believe it, so it'd normally be right around this time a redesigned second generation model would appear. Clearly that's not happening, save for the Spider's 2019 updates.

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