Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe Is Gone After 2018 But The Spider Lives (For Now)

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But not all is lost for Alfa Romeo coupes.

Earlier this month we learned that Alfa Romeo had begun work on a new mid-engined supercar, the second generation 8C. But what about its current sports car offering, the 4C Coupe and Spyder? According to Motor Authority, the coupe will die after the current 2018 model year while the Spider will stick around for a while longer. Can't say the news is entirely surprising considering the 4C, Coupe and Spider, are limited production niche sports cars.


However, Motor Authority further learned from the 4C's product manager that the car is still set to receive a number of upgrades, including a federally mandated back up camera. Unfortunately, the 4C Spider's price tag will receive a boost for 2019 as well, beginning at around $66,900 from the current $65,900. Bear in mind the coupe's starting price is $10,000 less, meaning the 4C will have a higher entry price beginning next year. Alfa Romeo will also play around with some packaging options, specifically the Track Package will be dropped. Fortunately, not all is lost for those intending to track their 4C.

The upgrades that pack offered will still be available individually, including high-performance shock absorbers, larger front- and rear-sway bars, larger and staggered fitting 18-inch front and 19-inch rear wheels wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero AR Racing tires, carbon fiber side mirror caps, and carbon fiber gauge cluster. Another likely reason why the 4C coupe is getting the axe is because of the upcoming Giulia coupe. Offering both would likely create internal competition, something no automaker wants. By 2022, the 4C Spider will surely be gone for good as that'll be around the time the all-new 8C is ready to go.

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