Alfa Romeo 4C is Just the Beginning of Great Things


The overall formula of the new Alfa Romeo 4C will serve as the basis for the brand's upcoming models.

It hasn't even arrived in dealer showrooms and already Alfa Romeo is assuming its new 4C sports car will be a hit. Ok, it probably will be, but as the Italian automaker proceeds with its great North American comeback, that two-seater will be the source of design inspiration for new and more mainstream models. We previously reported that Alfa will soon be switching to rear-wheel-drive only models, effectively ditching the FWD MiTo and Giulietta.

A replacement for the 159 is coming as well as a compact SUV. Two other models will follow, one of which will likely be a BMW 5 Series fighter. What's interesting is that the 4C's overall formula, light and powerful with a downsized engine, will be applied to those other new models. The design language will also be similar, but don't be surprised to see the 4C's 1.75-liter turbo four that's good for 240 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque pop up in some of those new models as well. So when are those new models expected to arrive? An Alfa exec claims the rollout will begin in 18 months.

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