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Alfa Romeo Adding Giulietta Wagon in 2013

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Alfa Romeo wants to build a wagon version of the Giulietta specifically for Europe.

According to a new report coming from Automotive News, Alfa Romeo plans on adding a wagon variant to the Giulietta lineup in Europe in the middle of 2013. Although the hatchback is the Italian automaker's top-selling model, parent company Fiat S.p.A. still feels that a wagon is needed in order to be more competitive in the popular wagon segment. Unlike in the U.S, wagons account for almost a quarter of compact sales in Europe.

In fact, they account for more than three quarters of compact sales in both Germany and Italy. The last wagon the automaker sold was the Fiat Stilo Multi Wagon, which was discontinued back in 2008 due to slow sales. The wagon variant is also meant to help fill in a needed market gap Alfa is currently missing. This won't be fully fixed until late 2013 (at the earliest) when a new mid-size sedan and large Chrysler-based crossover are launched. However, Alfa has no plans to offer either the Giulietta hatch or upcoming wagon in the U.S.

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More than likely, the U.S. will be given the upcoming mid-size sedan (along with the 4C coupe) at some point down the line. There's still no final word as to when Fiat plans to officially relaunch the brand in North America. If the plan is still the same as before, the 4C will be the debut model, hopefully sometime in mid 2013. Pictures displayed are of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback.