Alfa Romeo Announces 86 Dealerships in N. America; Prices 4C at $53,900

Launch edition will cost interested parties $69,695.

Alfa Romeo has announced 86 dealerships will be selling its latest wares in North America as the Italian carmaker prepares for its return to the US and Canada. California, Florida and Texas will have the bulk of the franchises, with just four dealerships earmarked for Canada. Those with a vested interest in the brand will be keen to know that Alfa has priced the 4C at $53,900, plus an additional $1,295 for destination. That’s not what you’ll pay if you want one of the first 500 examples, however.

Alfa wants a cool $69,695 for the launch edition. In return you’ll get the sports car with larger wheels, sport suspension and exhaust systems, and a serialized plaque. Autoblog is also reporting the curb weight has been kept below the 2,500-pound mark, which although 342 pounds heavier than the European-spec model thanks to additional US safety gear and bulkier carbon-fiber tub, is still an attractively lightweight proposition.

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