Alfa Romeo Giulia Concept

Designer Dragos Prodanj's new concept for the Alfa Romeo Giulia is certain to turn heads - in a good way.

A new concept rendering for a reborn Giulia has just been released. The fantastic classic has been given new life from designer Dragos Prodan. His goal was to maximize style and to utilize a lightweight design. It's safe to say this project was put in good hands. The brand-new Giulia coupe concept envisions carbon fiber front and rear bumpers and roof, while the doors, hood and all other body panels are formed with aluminum. The concept's polycarbonate windows really influence how light this new Giulia is meant to be.

Under the hood, the Giulia would be equipped with a hybrid drivetrain with a 180hp gasoline engine. It is complemented with a 109hp electric motor with a 30kWh lithium-ion battery. The flexible battery pack can be charged at a charging station, standard household power socket or on the move by the engine. The Giulia concept can run for 30 miles in pure electric mode. Of course, this is purely a concept rendering but Alfa should definitely take note of its potential.

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