Alfa Romeo Giulia GT50 Concept

Italian designers recreate the Giulia Sprint GT penned by Bertone with a modern twist.

Automotive stylists love to reimagine the Alfa Romeo, and Italian designers Michele Di Mauro and Claudio Piccioli, proprietors of the GetShapped Studio, are no exception focusing on the Bertone-penned Giulia Sprint GT for their latest concept creation. Dubbed the Alfa Romeo Giulia 50GT Concept, the two studies are of a GT-orientated model (red) and a sportier version (grey), both of which are faithful to the original keeping its large circular headlights, oversized front 'shield' and hood air vent.

Over 50 years of car styling evolution has resulted in sharp edges at the front and back and a smooth profile, while dimensions have been kept compact. The two designers claim power would come from Alfa's existing 1,750 TBi turbochargd four-cylinder gasoline unit rated at 235 horsepower that would allow the cars to hit a top speed of 155 mph.

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