Alfa Romeo Had A Banner Year In 2017, But It Might Not Be Enough


Proof that the good guy doesn't always win.

We Americans love little more than a good underdog story. As dreamers with manifest destiny in our eyes, the pressure to succeed brought on by dire straits causes a person to try every moonshot possible to get ahead, and that sort of madness has given birth to many of the tracks on our nation's Greatest Hits album. Our story wouldn't be the same without the dozens of foreign cultures that have mixed themselves into our cities and contributed things like tradition, food, and Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeo

Though the presence of the Italian automaker has waned in and out of existence on these streets, Fiat Chrysler's troubled times has forced the company into a corner that's made it feel compelled to spend billions of dollars on a wildly volatile chance at success: undermining the German luxury car's incumbency by replacing its measured, calculating style of success with sex appeal. If Bloomberg's latest article is to be believed, Alfa Romeo's crap shoot has worked. Year-over-year, from 2016-2017, Alfa Romeo has multiplied its US sales in such a way that it's grown 23-fold. Quantified, that's 528 cars sold in 2016 as opposed to more than 12,000 in 2017. Unfortunately that kind of number manipulation doesn't tell us much.

Going from selling one highly niche vehicle to manufacturing competitive luxury picks for both the sedan and SUV market is bound to inspire a reaction of some sort. However, the Giulia hasn't made quite the splash in its segment. With only 2,500 cars sold in the US during quarter 4 of 2017, the Giulia's market presence pales in comparison to the 25,600 BMW 3 Series sedans that sold during the same time. Still, the few US dealers that Alfa Romeo does have are having trouble keeping cars in stock in part because of how brash these cars look. If there are any doubts that attention-grabbing style has the ability to garner sales, then it's best to take a peak at how far Lexus has gone using that tactic.

Alfa Romeo

If anything, Alfa Romeo does have the ability to inspire lust on our hearts and maybe, just maybe, turn a profit for FCA.

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo

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