Alfa Romeo Knocks The Porsche Panamera Off Nurburgring Top Spot


The Italians and the Germans have been fighting the clock at the Ring - and the Italians have just won.

The current Porsche Panamera took the top spot as the fastest sedan on the 'Ring when it beat the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifogio's time of 7:39 by one single second, posting a 7:38. That's less than the time it takes to sneeze, but the time was quicker and that meant bragging rights, even though owners of these cars will rarely drive them at that pace, or even on a track at all. The thing is, that Giulia's time was done in a manual car. Italian publication Omni Auto reports a new development.

As fast as you can humanly shift, no one is as fast as a modern automatic transmission, no matter how hard you try. Take a look at what happened when an eight-speed auto went out on track. Take note of 1:48 - 1:55 in the video!

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