Alfa Romeo May Finally Resurrect The Iconic GTV Name

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This has been a long time coming.

Alfa Romeo is a company that seems to be flirting with obscurity, despite the excellence of models like the Giulia Quadrifoglio. To avoid falling out of touch, Alfa is working on its first-ever electric SUV, but what fans of the brand are really interested in is a modern-day reinterpretation of the iconic GTV. Sadly, besides a design study, we haven't seen anything to suggest that the GTV could make a comeback - until now. According to a recent report by Autocar, Alfa Romeo's new CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato is considering reviving the nameplate, apparently as part of Alfa's push towards electrification.

Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo

"There's no announcement at this stage, but [in] the GTV I'm very interested," said Imparato. This GTV revival could take the shape of a four-door coupe like the BMW 4 Series and be styled with retro design cues, but nothing concrete is in place yet. What is certain is that the new car will be electrified, if not all-electric. Under Imparato's leadership, Alfa intends to recreate its entire lineup, with these future models set to use Stellantis components for their platforms and electrified drivetrains. This should help Alfa cut costs and thus return to profitability, but that only happens if people buy your product. With a GTV back in the range, making that decision could be easier for passionate car lovers.

Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo

The long-term goal is for Alfa to be not the wheezy-but-attractive outlier in the Stellantis group, but rather the company's premier brand. Imparato believes that this is possible and has said that Alfa "has the potential to be the global premium brand of Stellantis". To help him achieve that goal, he has created a team of 49 managers, while Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has also offered support by pledging investment in the Italian marque for the next ten years. It's going to be a long road to redemption for Alfa Romeo, but if a GTV is in the works, then maybe we should keep our faith in Alfa just a little longer.

Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo
Source Credits: Autocar

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