Alfa Romeo Minhoss Concept by IDECORE


Italian design studio IDECORE presents their Alfa Romeo Minhoss concept coupe sports car.

Although Alfa Romeo hasn't had many concepts in the past few years (the 4C at Geneva last spring was great to see), other design studios have been working on their visions for the Italian brand. And now, a new concept sports coupe design courtesy of Italian independent studio IDECORE has been unveiled. Called the Minhoss, the designers' inspriation came from the ancient Minoan civilization, "melting it carefully with style elements from Alfa's past and present."

IDECORE calls itself a group of "independent designers and modelers" from Italy. They've released visuals for the Alfa Romeo Minhoss through these high-res CGI images. The concept was sketched out to be roughly 162-inches long with power most likely coming from Alfa's 1.75-liter turbocharged four-cylinder TBi engine tuned to churn out 265hp. Italian designer Marco Marchese says the Minhoss would feature a traditional layout with the engine mounted up front and the transmission and axle at the rear. Rendering courtesy of IDECORE.

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