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Alfa Romeo MiTo City Car Paces the Maidenhead Half Marathon

An Alfa Romeo MiTo city car paced the 2011 Maidenhead Half Marathon.

The Maidenhead Half Marathon is a very unique race. Held annually in Berkshire, England the flat course features runners from around Britain and participants are given numbers they keep for life. From year to year, they keep the same number however numbers can be bought and sold to raise money for charity. This year for the Link Foundation, £2600 was raised in total for the local charity. This year's edition was held on September 4th and was paced by an unusual guest.

The Alfa Romeo MiTo made its way to race and acted as the official pace car for the event. It features a 2-cylinder TwinAir motor and has a pedestrian acceleration of 0-60mph in 12.9 seconds, fitting for a footrace. Over 2,000 people participated in this year's race. Charles Coleman took the Men's Race and Samantha Amend won the Women's Race.

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