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Alfa Romeo MiTo Gets Very Artistic

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Alfa Romeo enlisted the help of artist Louise Dear to help give the MiTo a very unique and interesting look. Inspired by her 17 year old daughter, Louise targets a young audience with the odd-looking mural.

Imagine if Chagall and Picasso sat down together and let their abstract creativity run wild on an Alfa Romeo instead of on canvas. Apparently, that is what Alfa Romeo had in mind when the Italian automaker enlisted the artistic help of Louise Dear to give a very "unique" perspective on the upcoming MiTo 1.3 JTDM-2. The abstract MiTo has been dubbed "Because I Can" and it is certainly a very unique choice of words.

According to Louise Dear, "the Alfa MiTo is targeted at a young, stylish audience who have a positive attitude to life, and are focused on being successful, and within my painting I have tried to bring this across using a combination of designs that convey powerful imagery mixed with elegance and beauty." Louise drew inspiration from her 17 year old daughter for the artistic vision for the car. The design features a wide variety of colors that would normally stand out on a different color car, but not so much for a red metallic "canvas".

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The highlight of the creation is a portrait of a woman's face with bright pink lips on the center of the hood. The car will be displayed at three Castle Galleries in the UK. We only wonder what Picasso can say about this "artistic vision".